Not So Frequently Asked Questions

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Personal Questions
How old are you?

What's your name?
You can call me Joy.

Will you post a picture of yourself?
Nope! Just my hands! Peep the instagram though... you might catch my face! IG@iridescent_xox

Where did you go?
I do have a tendency to disappear from time to time. My latest hiatus was nearly 8 months long. Unless an official announcement is made- I'll continue to blog... posts just may be spread VERY far apart. Honestly, I sometimes just forget! I'm  substitute teacher, so sometimes blogging isn't at the front of my mind. But like I said... unless there is an official announcement, I'll still be here!

Beauty Questions

What do all those abbreviations mean?
NOTD- Nail of the day
OOD- Out of date
NP- Nail Polish
TC- Top Coat

How can I tell what products you used in a mani?
I'll tell you in the blog post silly!

I bite my nails... how did you stop and what did you use?
I've bit my nails ever since I can remember... I would chomp and peel until they bled and my cuticles were on fire. I never painted my nails because my short stubby nails looked awful in sloppily done black polish... Until I decided I was tired of my sore fingers.

I began painting my nails frequently. I never let my nails go a day without polish on them. The number one thing that caused me to bite my nails was I HATED seeing ANY dirt under them- EVER. Nail polish prevented me from seeing it... Viola! The next issue was that I had caused some horrible damage to my nail beds and the health of my nails was kaput. I invested in OPI Nail Envy... and I have been using it ever since. My nails still peel occasionally and sometimes they bend... but I have NEVER been able to grow them out past my finger tips- and keep them there for over an hour. Now they grow at a super fast rate! I can file them down to my tips, and in a week they're a good cm past my finger tips.

PS- my nails are never naked for more than a day- still! They may be yellowish from the polish... but they're pretty when they're painted!

Blog Questions

Drugstorejunkie13... is that you?
Yes, when I first started out in the blogging world, I used the address drugstorejunkie13.blogspot.com
Any photos you see baring that watermark are my photos.

Will you take a look at my blog?
Sure! But please instead of leaving a comment, shoot me an email at disasterpiecepolish@gmail.com

How did you get x,y,z on your blog? Will you help me?
Unfortunately, I will not. I developed my own blog by myself. I self taught how to use HTML and java script in order to build my blog. I don't have time to teach you... However- YOU can figure it out on google- just like I did.

Wow! I really like your ------ picture. Did you make it? Will you make me one?
Some of the images you find here were not created by me- but they were modified by me. Most images, however, I did create on my own (photographs, etc). I will not do any type of banner work or graphic work for your blog. No.

What camera do you use?
A Cannon Rebel T3 with a macro EF-S 60mm lens... Or my iPhone :)

Can I copy/use/edit/post your photos?
You may not alter my photos in any way. All photos on this website are protected under a creative commons license. However, photos may be shared and redistributed (ie- pinterest, shares on FB pages) AS LONG AS credit is given in your post. Please, though, if you share something of mine, specifically in your own blog post, let me know!

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