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THROW BACK THURSDAY! Sniff and Review: Sunny's Miracle Balm *LINK WORKS!*

I'm starting something else up that might be fun! Throwback Thursdays, where I re-post things from my old blog! This post was originally posted on my old blog. You'll notice that my "watermarks" are drugstorejunkie-- that was a LONG time ago, but still me! It's one of my most popular posts! So here it is again for your smelling, er...viewing!

See what I did there? Sniff and review... instead of swatch and review... yeah. I'm a genius.

I need to warn you before we get started... I'm about to go crazy fan girl allllllll over Sunny's product.

I first purchased Sunny's Miracle Balm (SMB) a while ago on a whim. I had heard some good things about it, so I decided to buy a sampler pack. In her sampler packs, you get 3 smaller sized balms for $5. That's right! Five bucks! This is an amazing deal considering commercially available balms in the same size can cost $8 or more! Usually people gripe over indies being too expensive for the quality of product, but this is not case my friends.You can also buy her full sized tins for $3. These contain .5 oz of product! Awesome deal if you ask me.

Anywho, like I said, I originally started out with 3 sample sized balms. I decided on Pink Sugar, Birthday Cake and Zombie Punch. I picked Pink Sugar and Birthday Cake because they seemed to be her best sellers. I chose Zombie Punch because what zombie lover could resist a name like that?!

I'll start out with the packaging, then at the end of the post, I'll go over the scents and performance. :)

The Containers
These samplers came in cute little heart jars that I absolutely love! I believe these each contained .2 oz of product? I don't exactly remember the listing...

They arrived in perfect condition, without any leaks. I'm officially in love with these balms.

When Sunny released her Toxic Love collection, I decided to buy more samples. Now, when you buy a sample back, you MUST include what scents you want in an additional email to Sunny. If you don't, she'll just pick out her favorite scents for you. Which is great, btw, that she'll just send you good scents and not her "left overs" but for someone like me, who has already purchased some and doesn't want duplicated, be sure to send that email!

After sending in my scent requests (I splurged and purchased 3 sample packs... that's 9 balms!) Sunny quickly replied letting me know the scents I wanted were available, and that I was in store for some new tins! I guess the old heart ones were leaking for some people, so Sunny switched to these super adorable metal tins with slidey open lids. The tins hold .25 oz of product, so these hold a bit more product!

When I received my package, my balms were a big oily mess! My tins were nearly swimming in the melted balm. I took some time to clean them off with rubbing alcohol, but a number of the labels came off. Some of them even ripped and were ruined. As you can see in the picture below, I had to create some new labels with my labeler. I also tapped down a number of the salvageable labels.

Moving on from the labels, and oily mess. I started to smell and test them out! Unfortunately the leakage caused them to contaminate each other. They all smelled the same :( There was one that was very strong smelling, I'm assuming, that caused them all to smell the same. 

Have you noticed the amber color around the edges of some of the tins? I'm not sure if this is the oils surfacing, or if the tins began to rust. This didn't effect the balms, except for making them a little unsightly. 

Customer Service
I emailed Sunny about the problem with the new tins. I was not by any means requesting a refund or replacement... I just wanted to inform her for future sales. She, however, immediately insisted that she send out replacements! Should wouldn't take no for an answer, and immediately began making new samples.

One of the scents I had requested wasn't available, and she offered to send me a full size tin of what ever scent I want. I declined, and just asked her to pick a new scent to replace the sample. Luckily Cream Cheese Frosting (omg... I want to eat this stuff) came in just before she was getting ready to ship out my new balms and I got the scent I was after!

She even sought out new containers!

My new shipment was missing my Vanilla Rose balm, but that's alright! I'm planning on making a new order once she releases her End of the Rainbow collection, so she'll just include it in that package. She offered to send it out now, but I declined because she's been so amazing already, and I don't want to cost her an arm and a leg in shipping!

Containers Continued
These are the new containers, and I think they're the best yet! They really are fantabulous. I'm so impressed with them. They did an AWESOME job of keeping the product contained, smell included. Though *some* smell did escapee... my package gushed with smelly wonderfullness when I opened it!! And that is NOT a bad thing. My mom even came over to find out what was smelling so good. No leakage, no scent transfer between balms- absolutely amazing! They have little screw on lids to help ensure the product stays inside the jar.These containers also hold .25 oz of product.  

There's not much more to say about these containers, other than they are great!

The Scents
Now we're talkin! I was initially disappointed with the scents when I got my order of balms in the tins. However, after opening the new black jars, I'm no longer disappointed!
Scents I own (so far lol)
  • Pink Sugar- One of Sunny's top selling fragrances. It smells like a light cotton candy- but not that synthetic smell you usually associate with cotton candy flavored things. I also pick up on some kind of fruit, but I can't tell what it is! OMG, no wonder this is a best seller!
  • Zombie Punch- Packs a walloping fruity punch! Another up and coming best seller! Probably my favorite scent of the lot. Tropical fruits captured in scent, then made 100x better, then melted and put in a jar. If this was made into a pie... oh man I'd be in trouble.
  • Buttercream- Smells like fresh buttercream frosting! Hints of cinnamon, butter, sugar... I'd eat it if I didn't know better!
  • Birthday Cake- A distant cousin of buttercream? I picture a yellow cake with buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles when I smell this! Yummm!
  • Orange Grove- AMAZING. It smells like fresh oranges in well... a grove. Doesn't smell like a cleaning product at all (common with citrus scented items). It's woodsy and fruity! Have you ever picked up a bright, fresh, ripened orange and smelled it? Yeah, it's that awesome.
  • Sultry & Exotic- WOW. WOW! This is an awesome fruity blend. I pick up raspberry, grapefruit,  some kind of melon and some floral stuffs. OMG. This is so dreamy smelling. Bow-chica-wow-wow.
  • Lavender Chamomile- Have you ever had a cup of freshly brewed chamomile tea while sitting in a lavender infused bubble bath and breathed in the wonderful calming smells? Yeah, that's basically it. It doesn't smell like imitation lavender either! It's spot on to the real thing- fresh cut and everything! This baby is going to be stored in my bedside table so I can put it on before bed... and fall asleep smelling my fingers lol.
  • Vanilla Rose- A wonderfully fresh rose scent with hints of vanilla! *based off of slider tins
  • Cucumber Melon- Another awesome one! Fresh cucumber and melon. (I can't pin point what kind of melon, however.)
  • Butt Naked- A semi spicy smelling one! Ooooh, I love this guy too. I smell apples and strawberries in this baby. Fruity and spice rolled into one jar of yummy smelling goodness!
  • Cream Cheese Frosting- Another one that makes my mouth water. Smells like creamy, freshly made cream cheese frosting, perfect for a red velvet cupcake.
  • Peaches & Berries- A still great smelling product, but probably one of my least favorites. I don't really pick up on any peach smell, but I definitely get the berries!
None, absolutely NONE of these can go without a recommendation. I recommend all these scents, AND the balm itself! I'm on a quest to own at least one of all of Sunny's Miracle Balms... I just can't get over how good these things smell!

The Product
So my favorite thing about this balm is the wide variety of scents it comes in... but don't let that overbear the product itself! These balms really are awesome. They contain a hole mixture of great stuff for your cuticles and nails: vitamin e oil, orderless garlic oil, biotin, almond, jojoba, and avocado oil. Sunny says on her site that this balm can help grow out your nails too, though I haven't noticed that yet because it hasn't been that long since I started using them. Oh, and the balms are 100% organic!

You probably noticed that there are A LOT of oils in this balm. It does apply a bit oily, but have no fear! The oils absorb very quickly into you skin. 

In the few short weeks I have been using this product, I have noticed a substantial difference in the condition of my cuticles. No more dried cracked painful cuticles, and goodbye hang nails! I also noticed my nails were MUCH easier to push back during my cuticle maintenance routine.

Sunny and her balms earn an A++ in my book! Stellar customer service and amazing products!

You can purchase miracle balms from Sunny's shop- which can be found linked on her blog. Don't forget to check out her polishes too!

Products in this review were purchased with my own money.

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