Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dew'd... A Nail Fail- Mission Untried


I have a (not so serious) nail fail today. :( Let's start with the backstory...

I LOVE to experiment on nail wheelz. Love. But sometimes I love something so much, and then I forget what colors I used. So I started a binder of printed out lists of what was on each nail wheel... Then I put the list and nail wheel (dry of course!) into a plastic sleeve. I was really stumped tonight on what to do on my nails, so went to my nail wheels... and decided on this beautiful combo I made a while ago. It's Sinful Shine Rendezvous and ILNP Emerald Dew Drops... it was so pretty! AND they were both untrieds, perfect for my mission. (Let's not even talk about how I've had the ILNP EDD for over a year....)

And so begins the nail fail. The combination was perfect. I seriously think these polishes are soul mates. They're so gorgeous together.

The green base is SS Rendezvous, and the glitter topper is ILNP Emerald Dew Drops, in case you didn't know! Now... this doesn't look like a nail fail, right?? In person, it's a whole new story. SS Rendezvous was SO thick and weird to apply. I can't even describe the texture. It was just... strange. I don't know if it's because it's a pastely color, or because it's that special SC "gel tech" polish. I only did two coats, and it was REALLY hard to do them thinly. 

You can't see it in the picture, because it's blurred, but my middle finger is seriously screwed up. Beyond "licking it" screwed up. I managed to mess up my pointer finger too! The only way I could make it better was to stick glitter on top.

Pretty!! Except... ILNP Emerald Dew Drops is pretty thick too. It has to be, it's a bottle of glittery goodness that has to be suspended. Which would be find if SS Rendezvous wasn't 50 million mm thick. Let me show you just how thick my final product was...

Can you see that?? SO THICK! It took forever to dry, and I of course couldn't resist the cool science wonder that happened when I applied my fast dry TC. I mean... it's dry, but I could still slide it around on my finger in a strange sludge sheet. BECAUSE SCIENCE!

Anyway, I now have a messed up manicure, that could have been pretty... and now it's not. Sigh... Oh well, I guess I'll just have to repaint tomorrow! Anyway, here's some pretty bottle shots, and a gorgeous macro of my index finger.

Do you see the little bubbles? HNNGGGG I HATE THAT. I didn't even shake my ILNP bottle! Grrr... I think it kind of worked though. It looks.... dewey. Har har.

And because I love nail polish, memes and Ariel.

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