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Hello! You can call me Joy!

This blog originally started out as an all around beauty blog... but it's rapidly turning into a nail blog! So you'll probably find nails more than anything. :) My blog used to be found at drugstorejunkie13.blogspot.com... but I moved! Any photos you see with that watermark belong to me, Joy, at disasterpiecepolish.

I'm a 23 year old college student majoring in Liberal Studies from California! I hope to become a kindergarten or third grade teacher very soon! I love nail polish and make up, my collection grows everyday! I used to severely bite my nails... I'm talkin' nail beds out in the open at least 1/4 inch long. Ouch! I'm on the road to recovery and so far my nails look great. I haven't been able to keep them this long for this long, lol. I have found my polish obsession to be quite helpful! The #1 thing that has helped me has been OPI Nail Envy. It's strengthened my nails, and helped them grow super fast!

I'm not your average beauty guru. I'm not seasonably fashionable, or a savvy cosmetologist. You'll find me in skinny jeans, chucks and a band-tee or sweatshirt most of the time. I'm not Hollywood pretty, or stick thin... hardly the barbie doll type. I'm a chubby, obsessive-compulsive, broke college student and I love everything beauty, especially at my finger tips.

Questions? Comments? Reviews? Contact me at disasterpiecepolish@gmail.com

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