Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mission Untried- Take Off

I have something really embarrassing to show you guys... I went through all my polish to figure out which ones were tried/untireds. OH MY GOD! I have to stop buying polish. Seriously. I have more untireds than trieds. It's embarrassing. And I have a bunch of indies on the way... Want a glorious picture of all my shame?

These are my two racks. The top one is my "commercial" rack that holds things like China Glaze, OPI, Sinful Colors, Pure Ice... etc. The second one is my indie rack. That is my favorite rack. Who doesn't love a good rack? :)

Move in closer. Closer. Just a little more. There! You see them? All the little colored dots... in yellow, pink, green, and orange. Every single bottle that has a dot on it is untried. *hides face* So ashamed. And that's not all my polish! I have about 100 more in bins with a very similar untried to tried ratio. I need to STAHP. STAHP BUYING ALL ZEE PAHLISHH! But I won't.

ETA: I just got 12 more polishes in the mail today... added them to my indie rack, and now it's full!

I'm on a mission. Mission Untried. On this mission, I'm going to try all my untireds... and then I'm going to destash the ones I don't like. What? Get rid of polish? Yeah you heard me. My plan is to try to use at least ONE untried in EVERY mani (unless swatching, or doing special nail art) until they have ALL been used. Here's my first one!

I was inspired by a photo in Polish-aholics Anonymous that was just too cute. Mama's Manicures did an adorable doticure gradient. You can see my inspiration here.

So which ones are untried, you ask? Well, that gorgeous purple seen on my index, middle and pinky. It's a beautiful deep purple with a metallic finish. It's PI No Means No. The pretty lavender I'm holding is also an untried... But I'm not counting it as tried yet because I just did cheesy little dots. It's SC Tempest. I need to REALLY use it before I count it as a tried.

Sorry for all the pictures, lol. I couldn't decide... I loved them all. I don't know which one showcases my manicure the best. You pick!

Finally, some delicious bottle shots of the polishes used for this look (minus a black creme, which was PI Black Out if you're wondering). From left to right once more... Sinful Colors Tempest, Pure Ice No Means No, China Glaze Icicles. Look at that fill line on No Means No! My mani used four coats... but I can't imagine it used THAT much! Hmm... Maybe it wasn't an untried, lol.

I have another 100 untrieds or so. I'm too afraid to count! I'll get the numbers later. I do need to update my stash list... Maybe I'll get my untrieds in then! Until the next mission! See ya later alligator!


  1. That is such a pretty color - and I like the dots also. On your accent nail, did you use a base or is that your nekkid nail?

    I know what you mean about all the untrieds. I'm willing to bet most nail polish people are like that. I feel guilty not taking off the current mani I just put on yesterday to try another polish/mani today. But I'm sure I won't change. There is just so much beautiful polish available today, and more coming all the time! This year, especially, it seems the collections have been rolling out at supersonic speed. I actually breath a sigh of relief when I see nothing in a collection that catches my attention. :)

    Thank you for all the beautiful photos. And especially for showing the picture of the polishes used! I'm really visually orientated and love seeing the bottle(s) of the polishes used, instead of just seeing it on the nail. Otherwise, I start Googling them in the middle of the post and find myself getting distracted by other polishes and go to hunt them down and ... - after awhile, I start feeling like a pinball, racketing around among all the images of polish!

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    For the dot accent nail, it's just naked! There is a coat of Nail Envy and Gelous... but not color. :)

    Glad to hear you enjoy the bottle shots... I'll keep em coming!


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