Friday, April 4, 2014

HELLO! Ugly Pink Flowers

It's been a loong time since I posted! I've been totally MIA. I decided a few days ago that I wanted to start blogging again. :) So... I (kinda) revamped my blog. I archived all my old posts, and I'm starting fresh. That means I even reset my blog b-day! I feel like before I was blogging for the wrong reasons... but I found that I really missed photographing my nails! So here we are. :)

I did this really fuckin' ugly maincure as a welcome back. I HATE PINK. I'm trying to make myself like it more, but I just can't. I hate this pink. I hate pink. Period. YUCK. I wish I picked a different background for my flowers. I feel like this could have been so pretty.

Anyway, here are a variety of pictures showing you my design. PS-- this was inspired by Sunny of 365 Days of Color polish. Her profile picture on her shop is sooooo pretty!

Products used: Pure Ice ???, tape, dotting tools, black striper, white polish, Poshé, and a matte TC.

I don't remember what the pink color is called. I'll have to update that later. 

 This was a pain to photograph. IDK why. I guess the truest color would be the last picture. I tried tweaking my settings, but w/e. It leans way too red in the pictures. See my IG posts for an even MORE accurate color.

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